Imam Sulaimaan Hamed

Faith Institute

Imam Sulaimaan Hamed is the Resident Imam of the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam in Atlanta, GA. Sulaimaan Abdul Hamed, began his early education attending Clara Mohammed School in Oakland California. After completing high school and gaining years of work experience, Sulaimaan was afforded, through an arrangement between Imam Warith Deen Mohammed and the Grand Mufti of Damascus, Syria, Sheikh Ahmed Kuftaro, a scholarship for the study of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Abu Nour University. Imam Hamed has also completed specialized studies in Saudi Arabia and Cairo, Egypt. Teaching experience includes serving in The Quran and Salat Institute and as Assistant Imam in Oakland, CA and interim Imam in Fresno, CA. Currently Imam Sulaimaan is CEO of Hajj Pros, a full service Hajj and Umrah company and teacher of Arabic and Islamic studies at Mohammed Schools of Atlanta. - See more at: http://atlantamasjid.com/faith-institute-2/meet-our-teachers/#sthash.KoWgW1sl.dpuf

Imam Khalil Abdullah

Faith Institute

Khalil Abdullah holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations at Hartford Seminary. His interests include comparative religious studies, race in religion and the history of Islam in America, with a particular focus on African-American Muslims and their contributions to American public life.


He has held various coffee retail management and training positions, leading to an interest in theological perspectives on work and labor. In addition, he has worked as a newspaper reporter and taught in both public and private schools, including Mohammed Schools of Atlanta.


Khalil has served as imam at mosques in Texas, South Carolina and Georgia, and frequently writes and lectures on Islam and interfaith relations.

Ustadth Muhammad Mendes

Faith Institute

Ustadh Muhammad Adeyinka Mendes established the Annual Rawdah (www.therawdah.org), a grassroots educational initiative, continued his studies with various scholars in Houston and Pittsburgh, and has focused on translating and teaching rare Arabic manuscripts concerning theology, jurisprudence, ethics, and spirituality authored by some of West Africa’s greatest spiritual and intellectual giants. Muhammad Mendes challenges people to learn the fundamentals of theology, worship, and spiritual evolution in accord with Revealed Scripture and Reason, appreciate their commonality as human beings, celebrate the God-given diversity that makes each one of us valuable, and to live lives of spiritual and material significance that leave their corner of the world in a better condition than that in which they found it. Currently, he and his family reside in Atlanta where he teaches at the Risala Institute on weekends, works full time, and continues his studies with various scholars.

Shahidah Sharif

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Shahidah Sharif has an extensive background in Islamic education and community service. At a young age, she began working with organizations such as Muslim Youth of North America and Clara Mohammed School of South Florida and Oakland, CA. Sharif has also worked with the Islamic Society of the University of Miami and United Youth Leadership Forum of the Bay Area, where she organized and coordinated many events to serve the Muslim and non-Muslim community. She studied for three years at the Abu Nour University in Damascus through the Mosque Cares Study Abroad Program with a focus on the Arabic language and the Islamic Sciences. She currently serves as secretary on the Board of Sisters United in Human Service, Inc, as the Program Director of the Faith Institute of the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam, and is co-founder and COO of Professional Hajj and Umrah Guides, LLC, organizing delegations annually with her husband for the Hajj (pilgrimage) to Makkah, Saudi Arabia. She currently resides in the East Atlanta neighborhood with her husband Imam Sulaimaan Hamed, son Sultaan, and daughter Saaliha. - See more at: http://atlantamasjid.com/faith-institute-2/meet-our-teachers/#sthash.KoWgW1sl.dpuf

Zaheera Aleem

Faith Institute

Zaheerah Aleem has been a member of The Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam since November of 1999.  She relocated from the San Francisco Bay Area along with her husband, Hammad Karim.  She was a member of the San Francisco Masjid, East Palo Alto Muslim Center and the Oakland Masjid Waritheen, under the leadership of the Honorable Imam Warithdeen Mohammad.  She entered Islam in Springfield, MA in 1963 under the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and transitioned to Al-Islam proper following the leadership of Honorable Iman Warithdeen Mohammad.    She has served as Secretary and Islamic Studies teacher to young children and beginners Arabic Classes.  She is active in the Masjid, a member of the Sisters United in Service to Humanity Feeding Team, Birthday Month Committee member, Chair of Matured Youth Committee, young children’s Sunday Islamic Studies, and volunteering and supporting when and where needed.  Sis. Zaheerah is an avid bowler and is a member of the Sisters Bowling Team.

Janatun Amatu AlWakeel

Faith Institute

Sister Janatun Amatu AlWakeel has been a Student Support Services Coordinator for the Mohammed Schools of Atlanta for the past 8 years. She also served as an ESOL and as a literacy instructor since 1988 from Buffalo, NY to Atlanta, GA in various school systems. She received her undergraduate in Elementary Education and completed a Reading Specialists Masters Program in Buffalo. She has been certified to teach Arabic and Islamic Studies from Abu Nour University in Damascus, Syria. She served as a Muslim Chaplain and on the founding committees of Universal Academy (Masjid An-Noor) Getzville, New York and the League of Muslim Women, Buffalo, New York. She currently resides in Atlanta with her husband and family.

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