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The Majlis Ash-Shura Board was formed in 2001 during the reorganization of the Atlanta Masjid Of Al-Islam. The board was formed to conduct the affairs of the community by mutual and informed consultation. Members of the Majlis Ash-Shura Board are elected by the masjid membership. It is the responsibility of the Majlis Ash Shura Board to act as trustees of the membership on behalf of its donors and/or funding sources: to determine goals and objectives to establish policies, other general guidelines and limits for Masjid operations to be legally responsible for all aspects of Masjid operation to evaluate the results of the Masjid operation.


The Ansari Committee is responsible for providing the support for planning and implementation of the goals and directives of the Majlis Ash Shura Board and the Residential Imam, acting on behalf of the Atlanta Masjid Community. They also serve as advisers and team leaders for the masjid committees and areas of service. This committee of workers are appointed by the Majlis Ash Shura in cooperation with the Resident Imam.

Majlis As-Shura

Masjid Convener

Dr. Salih Faldon

Strategic Planning Coord.

Imam Mansoor Sabree

Mohammed Schools Liaison

Natasha Hazziez

Property Liaison

Ortez Wells

Finance Liaison

Hud Williams


Policies & Procedures

Shariyf Muhammad

Community & Auxiliary Liaison

Safiyyah Shahid

Community & Auxiliary Liaison

Samaiyah Bashir

Recording Secretary

Dr . Zenobia Day

Masjid Staff

Resident Imam

Sulaimaan Hamed

Assistant Imam

Rashad Abdul-Rahman


Amin Aleem


N'aimah Abdullah

Communications Dir.

Shahidah Sharif



Jesse Ahmed

Property Managers Greye Kennedy & Nazeeh Rasheed


Dawud Abdur-Rahman


Malik Saleem

Ansari Board


Carolyn Shakoor


Co- Chair

N’aimah Abdullah-Wells

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