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1. Improves Communication Lines:

Communication is the first thing that breaks down when conflicts arise within a family. When members stop being open with each other, it becomes more difficult to resolve issues. Family counseling provides a neutral ground to “break the ice” so that members can share their thoughts and feelings honestly and respectfully. During the process, the counselor can help members understand each other positively and pave the way for healing to begin.


2. Enhances Relationships and Strengthens Family Bonds: Unresolved conflicts in the family can seriously harm and weaken the bonds among its members. Seeing a family counselor can help you reach a better understanding of each other. It’s important to bring other family members to counseling sessions to restore these relationships by verbalizing feelings in the presence of a nonpartisan third party.

3. Provides Nonjudgmental Support for Serious Issues like Substance Abuse: A family member engaged in harmful activities can emotionally hurt the entire family unit. The family can find support for coping with these concerns by speaking to a counselor. Counseling is also an excellent forum for healing wounds caused by substance abuse.

4. Develops and Improves Self-Esteem:

Developing self-esteem is an important aspect of parenting. Without it, children are likely to be more vulnerable to major life changes. Family counseling helps restore this important characteristic to enable both parents and children to be more appreciative of themselves and their value to their family and society. With healthy self-esteem, your family can live a more meaningful life together and have better chances of succeeding in life.


5. Sustains Psychological and Physical Health:

Peace and harmony in a relaxed setting are important elements for psychological and physical health. A family can be a place of harmony for its members if they empathize with each other. Some families, however, need assistance to achieve this. Family counseling offers techniques to help members collaborate with each other, especially during distressing conditions or stressful situations. With the help of a counselor, the family may be able to handle the issues constructively.


6. Manages Loss and Grief:

The death or loss of someone or something you love can be devastating. Other life-changing events can also cause pain in a family, such as relocation, unemployment, bankruptcy, and debilitating or serious medical conditions. Family counseling can provide the members with strategies to accept and overcome the loss or transition and move forward together.

7. Provides a Fresh Perspective on Issues:

A family counselor can uncover the root causes of issues and help members to address them with appropriate tools and skills. The counselor will guide your family in exploring the issues by looking at them from a new perspective.

8. Teaches Healthy Ways to Confront Difficult Behavior:

Having a member with a behavioral problem can affect a family in many ways. Family counseling provides strategies for managing behavior issues, including anger and self-harming tendencies.

9. Guides in Setting and Accomplishing Goals:

Family counseling provides members the opportunity to become better individuals. Its scientific and pragmatic approach is designed to strengthen weak areas and bolster the family to accomplish goals, either as a team or as individuals.


10. Forms Happier Families:

People experiencing difficulties may turn to their smart devices and entertainment systems as a way of running away or hiding from the perceived issues. Family counseling helps the stressed members to face issues head-on without turning a blind eye to other people and things that matter. This promotes harmony and respect, which are both essential in the formation of a happy family.

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1. To Keep Your Info Confidential

We value your privacy.  The Atlanta Masjid vows to keep the info between your family and our qualified counselors.  Your info will not be shared.


2. To Only Authorize Qualified Representatives to Speak on Behalf of Atlanta Masjid of Al- Islam As Counselors

We honor your family having a successful process.  We want to give your best chance to be successful by only pairing you with compatible counselors.   Furthermore, our counselors are experienced and professional.

3. To Put Your Family First

We know a community only succeeds with successful families.  We put your family as a priority.  Thus it is in our best interest to see your family do well.

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