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Give the year and location you took your Shahadatain.

2013 Location: Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam

What is your marital Status? If married, how many years?

Married. 1 year & 3 months.

Highest Level of Education

Bachelors Degree

What is your Occupational or Job Title?

Community Organizer

How many years of service do you have in your current occupation?

4 years

List your significant occupational service accomplishments.

1. Established and currently manages a national non-profit organization dedicated to serving Muslim young adults.
2. Successfully initiated and managed young adult programs and events for the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam.
3. Completed an internship as a project developer at a reputable development company.
4. Applied a grassroots approach to organize and implement social events within the Muslim community.

These accomplishments highlight my experience and contributions in community organizing demonstrating my commitment to serving and enhancing the community.

What is your current/former Masjid affiliation?

Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam

List the community service you are involved or have been involved in. Please provide the length of service.

1. Interfaith Work with Focolare Movement: I have been involved in events and currently maintain a relationship with the movement.

2. Mohammed Schools of Atlanta: Served as the Alumni Representative on the Consultative board for 2 years.

3. The Muslim Mix Non-profit organization: Served as the Program Director for 1 year.

4. IMAN Atlanta Organization: Worked as the Volunteer Coordinator for 3 years.

5. Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam: Currently serving as the Lead for the Young Adult Committee.

6. Muslim Culture Con Non-profit Organization: Currently holding the position of Chair.

List the leadership skills and expertise you would bring to the Majlis Ash Shura Board.

I have acquired valuable leadership skills and expertise through my experience serving on boards, committees, and in various leadership roles. Here is a list of what I can bring to the Majlis Ash-Shura Board:

**Leadership Skills:**
- Effective Communication: I excel in conveying a clear vision and goals to inspire and engage community members.
- Active Listening: I am skillful at understanding the needs and concerns of the community.
- Problem Solving: I am skilled at identifying and addressing issues, and offering innovative solutions.
- Empathy and Resilience: I am empathetic and do not give up in the face of challenges and setbacks.
- Accountability, Strategic Thinking, Inspiration, and Adaptability: I possess these essential leadership qualities.

- Program Development and Evaluation: I have expertise in creating and assessing community programs to ensure they meet their goals.
- Organizational Management: My experience in managing organizations can be an asset in coordinating board activities.
- Networking and Collaboration: I have a strong network and enjoy collaborating with others to achieve shared objectives.
- Community Development: I understand the principles of community development, helping identify needs and resources effectively.

These skills and expertise will contribute to the effectiveness and success of the Majlis Ash-Shura Board in addressing the community's needs and aspirations.

What is your vision for and commitment/contribution to the Atlanta Masjid Community?

IWDM regularly reminded us that "Al-Islam is not a plan for individual life directly, but a plan for community life, and it is within community life that you find the best of individual life." Our community is our responsibility, and by taking responsibility, I want to support The Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam in its mission to provide a center for religious development, and social, educational, economic, and cultural enrichment.

My vision for the community is to continue building a sense of unity, connectedness, and an organizational structure to facilitate consistent programming and services for the Masjid. Insha’Allah, this will help strengthen our Islamic social identity and achieve a robust Islamic community life with active involvement from our community members.

I am committed to contributing to this vision through active participation, leadership, and dedication to the growth and well-being of the Atlanta Masjid community. This includes collaborating with community members, providing support, and working towards the shared goal of creating a vibrant and flourishing Islamic community that embodies the principles of Al-Islam.

In three years, where do you envision the progress of the Ummah will be, as a result of your service on the Majlis Ash Shura?

As a representative and leader for young adults in our community, I envision a continuous progression in bridging generations while building for the future of our Ummah over the next three years. My service on the Majlis Ash-Shura will focus on fostering unity, collaboration, operational structure, community programs, and the active involvement of all community members, regardless of age. This approach will lead to a more cohesive Ummah, ensuring that it can serve the spiritual and social needs of its members and the wider community.

What is your birth month?


What are we doing well at the Atlanta Masjid?

Alhamdulillah, the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam is thriving, and there are several aspects in which we are excelling. We have been a steadfast institution for 65 years, a testament to our longevity and continued commitment to our community. The leadership that initially founded and guided this community over the years has successfully passed on its values and vision to subsequent leaders, contributing to our current state of strength and stability.

Moreover, the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam has fostered a sense of unity, love, and family among its members. This close-knit community has played a significant role in our success. Our ability to maintain these qualities and traditions is a testament to what we are doing well at the Atlanta Masjid. We will continue to build upon these strengths to ensure the well-being and growth of our community.

What can we improve upon?

Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam can make several improvements to enhance its operations and community engagement. Specifically, we can work on:

1. Communication Systems: Implement more efficient communication systems to foster better information exchange between leadership and community members, ensuring everyone is informed and engaged in Masjid activities.

2. Generational Bridge-Building: Develop strategies and programs aimed at bridging generational gaps within the community, encouraging active participation and shared ownership across all age groups.

3. Masjid Development: Focus on the continued development and growth of the Masjid, creating an environment that accommodates the evolving needs and expectations of our community members.

By addressing these areas, we can further strengthen our community and ensure that the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam remains a vibrant and responsive institution for all.

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